Transportation has come a long way from the traditional horse-and-buggy. Automobiles have come even further from the first production by Karl Benz. They have even modified more recent car partss like upgrading from the Hydra-Matic transmission introduced n 1940. The Hydra-Matic replaced the “third pedal”, the manual clutch, with a system of automatically changing gears using hydraulic pressure. The Hydra-Matic transmission was also battle tested in the heavy tanks used in World War II.

All manual transmission relied on a close ratio between the speed of the engine and the rotation of the drive shift to avoid the stop-and-go, “jerky” driving. Synchronous gearing eliminated most of the grinding and lurching typical of those old shifters, making gear changing almost effortless, adding used car value with each new innovation.

Luckily for those that nearly shot their passengers through the windshield when handling stick, 93.2% of new cars ad light duty trucks sold are automatic. Lately, we have been seeing semi-automatics and paddle shifters being manufactured for general public use. Fully automatic transmissions use a torque converter instead of a clutch to signal the changing of the gears. Semi-automatics and continuous variable transmissions (CVT) retain the use of a clutch but rely on the cars computer to maximize the gear selection or belt drive position to actively shift without engaging the clutch manually.

The technology of paddle shifters is barrowed from the auto racing industry. When driving a racecar, it takes both hands to keep control of the steering function. Shifters were added to the steering wheel as paddles or buttons activated by the thumb or fingers to change gears. The Mini Cooper was an early adopter of paddle shifters to enhance the racecar feel of their popular cars.

The latest transmission inventions mostly have to do with auto-theft prevention. Several new cars have low-temperament for tampering, making updating the security systems more difficult. If the car’s security feels as though it is being tampered with it will shut the car’s transmission down completely.

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