As Indianapolis’s quick, local alternative to car selling places like CarMax ®, Indy Cash For Cars offers straight-up cash for trucks with no strings attached. Old trucks, new trucks—it doesn’t matter the age; we’ll give you top-dollar offers and pay you cash when you sell your truck to us. Even if you aren’t able to drive the car to us, we can come pick it up for you! We will leave you feeling confident in your deal, with cash in your pocket.

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We’re straight to the point with no frills or sales pitches because we value your time. If you want to sell a truck or sell a motorcycle, bring it in to us. We will inspect the vehicle and hand you our best offer. Sell a truck to us and we can get you in and out of our office in as little as 15 minutes. We are located in Indianapolis and serve the surrounding areas. Contact us at (800) 404-6461 and ask how we can get more cash in your pocket. Don’t hassle yourself by trying to sell the truck yourself.

Sell a Truck in Indianapolis – Get Cash Immediately

Stop wondering, “Why is it so difficult to sell my truck?” and come to Indy Cash For Cars! We believe selling a truck shouldn’t be difficult, which is why we will provide you cash on the spot when you’re looking to sell a truck or another vehicle. We’ll walk you through the inspection process from beginning to end and give you the most accurate, honest appraisal for your vehicle. Our qualified technicians are knowledgeable with vehicle prices so you can rest assured that when you sell a truck you’ll receive the top dollar price. We guarantee to compete with other quotes and offer you the fairest cash value for the truck, car, or RV for sale.

For years, Indy Cash For Cars has assisted people in Indiana when they need to sell a car, ATV, or truck. People sell a truck for cash for many different reasons: from people moving to different states and countries, to those looking to upgrade to the latest, greatest model—for whatever reason our customers sell trucks, we’re here to buy them. Drive your truck in for a free appraisal at our Indy location and leave happy, with some extra money in hand. If you’re not ready to sell today, that’s okay too. Come back whenever you’re comfortable, and we’ll still be ready to buy.

Serving the entire state, Indy Cash For Cars is the premier truck buyer when you need to sell a truck, snowmobile, van, or car for cash. Although no appointment is needed, contact us at (800) 404-6461 for more information on what we can offer at our Indianapolis location, or for a free online quote. When you need more cash for a truck than what you have previously been quoted, come to us.