Looking to sell a car for cash in Indianapolis, but have a few questions? Well you’ve come to the right place. Selling a car can be a long and stressful task. That’s why we work to make it much easier at Indy Cash For Cars. Located in Indianapolis and serving the central Indiana area, we pay cash for cars and so much more. Visit us if you need to sell a car, sell a truck, sell a van, or sell some other specialty vehicle.

What do I need to bring with me when I come in?

  1. Vehicle and all keys
  2. Title or 10 day payoff from lender
  3. Valid identification

Is there any charge for you to appraise my car and make me an offer?
There is absolutely no charge or fees to appraise your car and make you an offer.

Am I under any obligation to accept your offer?
Absolutely not. Our cash buyers will pay you as much as they can but you are under NO obligation to accept the offers!

How long does the process take to sell my car?
The whole process usually takes less than thirty minutes. Our professionals will do everything from appraising your car, doing the DMV paperwork, and most importantly getting you your money as quickly as possible!

What other vehicles do you buy besides cars?

At Indy Cash For Cars, we offer competitive prices for all makes and models of cars, vans, and trucks. We’ll even buy the following specialty vehicles:

How convenient is the Indy Cash For Cars location?
Indy Cash For Cars is conveniently located on the east side of Indianapolis. We are located just outside the 465 loop on Pendleton Pike.

My dealer offered me a "trade-in" figure…is it worth my time?
No! Trade-ins are “Always the Lowest Price”. Inflating the value of your trade-in is based upon how much the car dealer can overcharge for their car. It’s an old retail strategy that dealers have used for years. It confuses the buyer. Dealers obtain "Off Lease" cars from manufacturers for below market prices. They DO NOT and WILL NOT pay you top dollar. Indy Cash For Cars won’t confuse you. We will pay you the Highest Possible Price on-the-Spot!"

Is a "Private Party" sale more profitable?
*No! Bargain hunters and tire kickers without cash only look for giveaway deals. A qualified buyer will lease or finance a used/new car at very low or 0% interest rates. -or-

  • How about the possibility of not getting paid after you made a deal with that "nice" stranger.
  • Bad or fraudulent checks?
  • The repairs you need to make after the sale or worse?
  • Fraudulent sales tax reporting or an odometer rollback that you will be blamed for!
  • You have NO idea with who or “what” you will be dealing with!
  • Why take a chance? Come to Indy Cash For Cars.