When you’re researching how much money you can expect to receive when you sell a car, one of the most important factors to consider is the resell value or residual value. Car owners cannot escape depreciation — even a well-maintained vehicle will lose about 15 to 20 percent of its value each year.

Don’t let depreciation deter you from receiving the best rate on your used car! Whether you’ve owned your car for 2 years or almost a decade, you may actually have a vehicle that has a great resell value. Here are the models that topped Kelley Blue Book’s list of used cars with the highest residual value:

  • Honda Accord: As a sedan that’s both sporty and elegant, this mid-size model has excellent safety features. Its versatile looks help it maintain a high resell value.
  • Honda Civic: Boasting great fuel economy, this compact car is known for its Eco Assist technology. As gas prices continue to increase, fuel-efficient models like the Honda Civic are likely to remain popular among used-car buyers.
  • Hyundai Azera: This full-size car packs spacious, comfortable seating and high-end technology. It also has premium safety features, so it’ll appeal to family-car buyers.
  • Lexus GS 350: Luxury vehicles often have a hard time with retaining residual value. However, this Lexus model will give owners a lot of bang for their buck when it comes time to sell a car.
  • Toyota FJ Cruiser: This model is an attractive SUV that drives well on both the highway and rugged terrain. City slickers and off-road adventurists alike will buy a used version of this model.

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