When you’re ready to get rid of a vehicle, you don’t really want to wait around. Most likely, you’re ready to move on to another vehicle, so you want to get cash fast. Our team at Indy Cash For Cars is experienced in what it takes to sell a car quickly. In fact, buying cars is our business. So as you contemplate how to sell your car in a hurry, consider these three tips.

Sell Car Fast

1. Clean it up.

No matter how you decide to sell your car (private party, trade in, or even through our cash-for-cars program), your car’s presentation speaks volumes. No one wants to buy a nasty car. It’s likely that a well-maintained car that’s clean and not full of your personal belongings will bring a higher value and be more attractive to buyers.

2. Have your title ready.

Make sure you have your title in hand or that you’re prepared to pay off your loan balance in order to sign the title over to the buyer. If you’re not sure how to do this, we recommend that you contact your car loan lender to request proper procedure and documentation. You don’t want to have title issues slow you down when you have an eager buyer.

3. Consider all your options.

Most people don’t realize they have a number of car-selling options. Private party, dealership trade-ins, salvage yards, and cash-for-cars companies are all valid options. However, if you’re wanting to get maximum cash value for your car (no matter its condition), then Indy Cash For Cars is likely your best bet. We can get a competitive quote fast, and you can even walk away with cash in hand that very same day.

You can begin the free, no-obligation quote process by stopping by, giving us a call, or going online at your convenience. To find out more about Indy Cash For Cars or to get started selling your car, contact our staff anytime at (317) 405-8492.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay