All motorcycle owners will tell you that there is nothing like the thrill of roaring down the highway on a bike. And, while you might think of your motorcycle as priceless, selling it can be a challenge. Fortunately, Indianapolis area bike owners don’t have to worry because Indy Cash for Cars buys all makes and models of motorcycles for top dollar. Get your motorcycle ready for sale and stop by our shop to receive cash for your motorcycle today.

Tips for Selling a Motorcycle for Top Dollar

1. Clean It Up

As with all vehicles, giving your bike a good clean and polish will help with the sale. Appearance is important to future owners. A bike that is well-cleaned and well-maintained instills confidence that the bike has been well cared for. The better the condition of the bike’s body, the more likely you are to get top dollar.

2. Fix Minor Mechanical Issues

One simple way to ensure that you receive top dollar for your motorcycle is to fix any minor issues that may detract from the bike’s appearance. Replace the fluids, air filter, and spark plugs, as these are among some of the first things a buyer will check. Also, replace visibly worn items – like hand grips and shift rubbers – to make the bike look like new. And, if your tires are worn or the brake pads need replaced, take care of it before the sale. Again, appearance is everything. 

3. Take It Back to Stock Condition

Bike owners love to customize their rides. And while you might love your aftermarket additions, potential buyers may not care for your new pipes or fancy paint job. If possible, replace all aftermarket additions with stock parts to appeal to a wider audience of buyers. Or, at the very least, offer to include stock parts in the sale so you don’t lose your buyers over a custom seat or hand grips.

Sell Your Motorcycle for Cash Today

If the prospect of selling your motorcycle sounds daunting, don’t worry! Indy Cash for Cars takes the stress out of selling your bike. We will get you a quick and accurate quote within 15 minutes of inspecting your motorcycle, and send you out the door with cash in hand. To sell your motorcycle for cash, contact us today at (317) 405-8492.