Indianapolis winters can be tough on your car. If your vehicle wasn’t running well during the freezing temperatures, caked on snow, and slick roads it may be time to sell a car.

Indy Cash for Cars can give you top dollar for your vehicle so you can upgrade your wheels just in time for the warmer weather. No more hiding behind frosty windows—ride with the windows down this spring and be proud of your car.

Signs You Should Sell A Car

Has your car made you late for work or other important life events? It’s not worth the stress. Having a reliable car will make every day more enjoyable and easier. We offer competitive quotes and aim to give car owners exactly what their vehicle is worth.

Does your engine have trouble turning over or warming up in the colder months? It’s no fun straining under the hood of your car during the winter months and now, before winter comes back, is the time to look into getting a good working car. Trade or sell your car and avoid becoming stranded on the side of the road.

Are trips to the repair shop making your car feel like more work than it’s worth? Every car should receive regular maintenance throughout the year to stay in good running shape, but if you head into the shop on a regular basis for major—or even minor repairs—it’s time to think about selling your car. Indy Cash for Cars can give you a competitive quote on what your car is worth so you can trade in for a better vehicle or take the cash. A good rule of thumb is if you spend more on repairs than you originally paid for the vehicle it’s time to sell your car.

Has your car stopped running altogether? It’s time to sell a car and trade your keys in for cash. Even if your vehicle doesn’t run there is still value in the individual parts of the car. Indy Cash for Cars will buy cars that are stuck, camped out in your yard—no matter what condition they’re in. Indy Cash for Cars has an easier and quicker process than other Indianapolis used-car retailers or salvage yards so you leave with cash in your pocket that day.

Get top dollar by selling your car, van, truck, snowmobile, ATV, motorcycle, or RV at Indy Cash for Cars.  Contact us at 800-404-6461 and update your existing car and prepare to enjoy a carefree Indianapolis spring.