We’re quickly heading toward the Christmas season, and many people are trying to find ways to earn some extra holiday cash. If you have a car, truck, or van you’re no longer using or that you’d like to sell for a holiday upgrade, sell your car to Indy Cash for Cars. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can get Christmas cash for cars. Here’s how the process works.

1. Come see us.

The first step is driving on over to our Indianapolis location. No appointment is needed! Just don’t forget to bring your vehicle you’d like to sell, along with a few necessary documents: all car keys, the title (or a 10-day payoff from your lender), and a valid form of identification.

2. Have your vehicle inspected.

Indy Cash for Cars has a professional, expert team of car technicians who will do a full visual inspection of your car. We check inside and outside your car for signs of wear or other noticeable concerns. Next, one of our technicians will take your car or truck on a test drive. The test drive helps us determine whether the car has any engine or mechanical concerns.

3. Get a quote.

After we have thoroughly looked at your car, your Indy Cash for Cars team member will give you a reasonable, top-dollar quote based on your car’s condition. We’ve been in the car-buying business for a while, and our team has extensive knowledge of used car pricing. This quote doesn’t oblige you to sell your car, and if you have any follow-up questions, be sure to ask.

4. Walk away with cash in hand.

If you decide to sell your car, Indy Cash for Cars will pay you and take care of all the paperwork. (So be sure you’ve arranged a ride home!)

Whether you’re wanting to sell your car to get a new one, or you’re just wanting a cash reserve for your holiday gift-giving, come see us at Indy Cash for Cars. If you’re still not sure about the whole “cash for cars” process, check out our FAQ page on our website. You can also come see us or give us a call today at (317) 405-8492.