At Indy Cash for Cars, we’ve been purchasing junk cars at fair prices for years. If you have an old junk car sitting in your garage that simply needs to go, give us a call! We pride ourselves on great customer service, speedy transactions, and fair prices. Here is everything you need to know to sell your car for cash today.

Sell My Junk Car

1. Stop By Our Shop

At Indy Cash for Cars, we believe in providing quick, convenient services to all of our customers. This is why we buy cars on the spot – no appointment necessary! We are conveniently located in Indianapolis and can buy your vehicle in as little as 15 minutes! To sell your junk car for cash, just stop by our shop! Our technicians will perform a thorough inspection of the car, take it for a test drive (if possible), and provide a fair, top-dollar quote.

2. Bring Your Keys and Car (or Not)

If you plan to sell us your vehicle, we need our mechanics to be able to assess its value. This requires the vehicle and the keys to be present at the time of the sale. If your car is not safe to drive or cannot be moved, don’t worry! Give us a call at (800) 404-6461 to discuss towing options. We’ll buy any car, even if it doesn’t run!

3. Bring the Title

It is important for us to know you truly own the vehicle that you are selling. We believe in honest, ethical business practices, and that applies to the customer as well. If your vehicle is under lease, we will pay off the remaining balance and obtain the title from the bank or financing company on your behalf. Even better, we’ll pay you any remaining amount from the quoted price!

4. Bring Proper Identification

To receive cash for your vehicle, we require all customers to present a valid driver’s license or passport at the time of sale.

5. Sell Your Car Today

If you are ready to earn quick, easy money for your junk car, stop by Indy Cash for Cars today! We offer fast, reliable services at the best prices, no matter the vehicle’s age, model, or condition. We can turn that junk car in your garage into cash in your pocket in as little as 15 minutes! For a free quote on your vehicle, call (800) 404-6461 or stop by our shop today.