Is your insurance premium so high that you’re considering selling a car? We understand. Decreasing living expenses helps to maximize income.

Selling your truck or car isn’t the only way to reduce expensive payments, however. An article on Kelley Blue Book’s website titled, “10 Ways to Save Money on Auto Insurance,” offers some insight on how to save without sacrificing coverage — or your car.

Merge Policies

Many insurance agencies offer discounts to anyone who has multiple policies from one provider. For example, you might save money if you received home, health, and car insurance from the same carrier. The article also mentions that moving the entire family to the same plan or policy may decrease your rates. This is the same concept as family plans for cell phones. It’s often much cheaper to have a family plan than to pay for several individual phone plans.

Research other Carriers

If you think you’re paying too much for your vehicle’s insurance, research the rates of other companies. There are several insurance providers in Indianapolis alone, in addition to the companies that offer policies nationwide. Kelley Blue Book says, “As a general rule, it’s wise to obtain auto insurance quotes and information from at least three separate companies.”

I recently decided to do some price comparisons of my own. The auto insurance company that I have been using for nearly a decade raised its rates, and I thought I should be paying less. After a little research, I quickly found another policy that saves me almost $100 per month. That little bit of research was time well spent.

Cash for Cars

If your insurance premium is still too high after following the above guidance, consider selling a car and buying one with a cheaper insurance rate. Indy Cash for Cars is the perfect place to start. We buy cars — and you don’t even need an appointment. Simply drop by, and one of our professionals will give you a competitively priced quote in just minutes. We’ve provided cash for cars for countless Indy residents. Contact us today at 800-404-6461 with any questions. We look forward to serving you.