Trying to reduce the cost of car insurance? You’re not alone.

Despite what you may think, selling a car isn’t the only way to lower insurance costs in Indianapolis. An article on Kelley Blue Book titled, “10 Ways to Save Money on Auto Insurance,” explains how many insurance companies reward good driving habits with better rates.

Safe Driving = Lower Rates

When someone causes an accident or receives a speeding ticket or other traffic violation, insurance rates generally skyrocket. This common knowledge bears repeating: the best way to avoid high insurance rates (and tickets) is to drive safely and follow the speed limit.

Less Driving = Lower Rates

Those who drive less could qualify for reduced rates, as well. According to the article on Kelley Blue Book, “The more you drive, the higher the likelihood of an accident or emergency. That’s why many auto insurance companies offer low mileage discounts for people who drive less than the average number of miles per year, or for people who carpool on a regular basis. Be sure to ask your carrier if you qualify.”

If you don’t drive frequently in Indy, consider getting a pay-as-you-drive plan. With these policies, the insurer tracks how, when, and where someone drives through a GPS or black box device. While some people complain that the tracking devices invade privacy, others tout their lowered rates.

Cash for Cars

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