With summer quickly approaching, this means that farm planting season is upon us as well. Whether you’re commuting to work in Indianapolis; or traveling on country roads, you may see large farm machinery on the road. As an Indiana driver, it’s important to remain alert and aware of slow-moving farm machines.

Safety Precautions for Indiana Drivers

Does the possibility of encountering heavy machinery on the road make you concerned? If so, the Indiana State Police would like to offer precautions that can help you stay safe while driving around Indianapolis this summer:

  • Be Patient: When farm machinery unexpectedly turns onto a public road from a field, remember that you have to share the road.
  • Slow Down: Farm machinery often travels at speeds less than 25 miles per hour, so slow down immediately to avoid a collision.
  • Passing Farm Machines: Before you pass the machine, determine if the road is wide enough for you to pass at a safe distance. Think ahead before you turn—oncoming road signs, mailboxes, and bridges may cause the machine to travel towards the center of the road.

Driving a New Summer Vehicle

Did you just sell your car? If you’re driving a new set of wheels, be familiar with how your car functions. Passing heavy machines can be a problem if you aren’t aware of your new vehicle’s blind spots. When you sell a truck, you have to change your driving attitude if you own a smaller vehicle now. You can’t make snap judgments and fast maneuvers when you’re driving a small car, as it may be harder for farmers to see you on the road.

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