Everyone knows that winterizing a vehicle before a harsh Indianapolis winter helps to guarantee good performance. However, few realize the importance of post-winter maintenance. Follow the tips below so your vehicle will roll into spring in good condition.

3 Easy Steps

Since Indy has had such an extreme winter, help your vehicle recover with the following steps:

  • Wash it: Thanks to all the snow and ice we received, salt trucks were a regular this year. While the salt helps to melt the ice, it can also cause corrosion and rust to the sides and undercarriages of vehicles. Remove the salt residue by getting a thorough car wash.
  • Refill liquids: Messy windshields are unavoidable in winter, which means that drivers use a lot of windshield-washer fluid. Remember to refill this liquid so the car can have a squeaky-clean windshield in the spring, too.
  • Pressurize tires: Tires often loose pressure in cold air. During the next gas station stop, check their pressure with a machine. Underinflated tires can reduce fuel-efficiency, wear out quickly, or spring a leak.

The list above will ensure your vehicle is ready for spring. View these car maintenance tips to learn even more.

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