Are you making plans for a spring or summer getaway? Do you wonder how you’re going to fund your vacation without taking out a loan? Don’t stress. Instead, consider whether you can sell a truck for cash at Indy Cash For Cars. Here’s how our cash-for-cars program works.

Indy Cash For Cars is an Indiana company that buys vehicles from Indianapolis residents at top dollar. From old trucks to new trucks, we will make you a fair offer, based on market prices and the condition of your vehicle. After receiving our offer, you are under no obligation to sell your truck. However, if you decide to sell, you can walk away the same day with cash in hand.

When you’re ready to sell a truck, here’s what you need to bring to our Indy Cash For Cars location:

  • Your truck
  • All truck keys
  • Title or 10-day payoff from your lender
  • Valid identification

From there, one of our professionals assesses and appraises your vehicle. The appraisal takes about 30 minutes, so you can choose to wait in our lobby area or run errands and have our staff call you when your quote is ready. We then provide you with a written quote and can answer any cash-for-car questions you might have.

If you decide to sell your truck, our professionals will take care of the DMV paperwork and get you cash in hand as soon as we can. To make the process as fast as possible, be sure to bring in the necessary items and have your truck clear of personal items. Also, don’t forget to arrange a way for you to get back home!

Ready to sell your truck? Add to your vacation fund with one trip to Indy Cash For Cars today! For additional information or to ask a question, contact Indy Cash For Cars at (317) 405-8492. In addition to trucks, you can also get cash for cars, vans, or even motorcycles.