sell my car IndianapolisFor years, you’ve had good intentions. That old, broken-down Buick has been sitting in your garage just waiting for you. However, time has a way of getting away from us all. While you wanted to fix it up, restore the old guy to his former glory, you’ve just run out of the time, energy, and funds to do so.

It’s time to say goodbye to the Buick and hello to your garage.

Just think of all the space you’ll have after you tow away your old vehicle. You can organize your tools, work on a home project, or even (dare we say it?) park your working vehicle inside from the elements. It will feel good to get your garage back. But don’t haul your damaged car off to the junkyard. Instead, bring it to Indy Cash For Cars.

We will buy any car, truck, van, or motorcycle at top cash value, based on the condition of your vehicle. You get to make some space in your garage and some cash in the process. To get a free, no-obligation quote, you can either bring your old vehicle into our Indianapolis location or fill out our online quote form. After you provide some basic information and accurate description of your vehicle, we can get you a quote within about 30 minutes. From there, you can decide whether to proceed with selling your damaged car. Note that before we can sign all the paperwork, you will need to provide the title and all car keys. 

Indy Cash For Cars is your local solution for selling your unwanted vehicles. Even today, you could sell your car, pocket your cash, and start making use of all that extra space in your garage. To get started, fill out our online quote form, or contact our staff by calling (317) 405-8492.

photo credit: Garage Door, Bernal Heights via photopin (license)