Everyone has an opinion on how well Indy residents drive. If you could give Indianapolis drivers a report card, what would it be?

Every year Allstate® releases the Allstate America’s Best Driver’s Report® where it ranks the driving of the 200 biggest cities in the country. The study compares the city’s population size to the annual number of reported accidents and the average number of years between accidents. Then it ranks the cities from “most safe” to “least safe.”

Indy’s Report Card

Below is how Indianapolis fared:

Indianapolis was ranked as No. 75 on the list.

• Our drivers have an average of 9.7 years between accidents.

• The chances of being in a wreck in Indy are 2.8 percent above the national average.

Overall, our city did pretty well. Given, you may feel differently — especially after being stuck in accident traffic or getting cut off on Interstate 465. However compare our statistics to those of the worst city below:

•Washington, D.C. was ranked as No. 194

• Its drivers averaged only 4.8 years between accidents.

•The chances of wrecking in Washington, D.C. were 109.3 percent above the national average.

Those statistics make Indianapolis drivers look fairly safe. See how other cities compare to our drivers.

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