If your vehicle is missing that “get up and go” factor—literally—it might be time to sell it. Maybe you need to get rid of it because your realtor informed you that having a rusty vehicle in your front lawn doesn’t raise your home’s value. Or perhaps some disgruntled neighbors have shown up with a copy of your neighborhood’s “home appearance” rules. Whatever your motivation for selling may be, below are some ways (along with their pros and cons) to turn your “lawn art” into cash for cars.

  1. Try to sell it yourself, as a fixer upper.
  2. • Pros: You can set the exact sale price that you want.

    • Cons: This is can be a time-intensive process that requires advertising it yourself and taking the time to communicate with potential buyers.

  3. Sell it for parts.
  4. • Pros: If you want to sell a car, sometimes you can get more money by selling the car’s parts individually than you can by just selling the whole car.

    • Cons: You’ll need to advertise yourself, and it often takes a long time to find people who want the parts. Additionally, you may end up with several pieces that no one wants that you’ll still have to dispose of.

  5. Sell your vehicle to the salvage yard.
  6. • Pros: If you’re wondering, “How will I sell my car if it doesn’t run?” remember that a salvage yard accepts vehicles in bad condition. Some will even tow your vehicle for you.

    • Cons: You have to do some research to find a salvage yard that wants your vehicle. Also, you won’t get top dollar for your vehicle.

While the above ways will help you get rid of your car, they all have several disadvantages, like a reduced selling price and time-intensive research.

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