If you need to unload a junk car, truck, or motorcycle, look no further than Indy Cash for Cars. Conveniently located in Indianapolis, we offer cash for all makes and models of vehicles. If your car doesn’t run, we may be able to tow it to our location for you. With Indy Cash for Cars, selling a junk car has never been easier.

Cash for Cars

Sell My Junk Car for Cash

If you have a junk car rusting away on your property, you could be sitting on a nice wad of cash! At Indy Cash for Cars, we make top dollar offers for all cars, no matter their condition. We don’t believe in sales pitches or overpricing – we simply appraise the vehicle and offer fair cash values to our customers. As an independently owned and operated business, we are the local alternative to larger places like CarMax®

What to Bring to Sell a Vehicle

If you plan to bring your vehicle by our shop for a free quote, please be sure to have the following:

  • Your vehicle and keys: To receive your quote, you must bring the vehicle and keys to the shop. This applies for all kinds of vehicles, including junk cars, trucks, RVs, snowmobiles, ATVs, and motorcycles. If the vehicle is not road-safe, we may be able to tow the vehicle for you. 
  • Certificate of Title: If the vehicle is still under lease, we will pay off the remaining balance and obtain the title from the bank for you. Then, we will pay you any remaining amount from the quoted price.
  • Proper Identification: We require a valid driver’s license or passport to complete all transactions regarding cash for cars.

Determining the Value of the Vehicle

At Indy Cash for Cars, we pride ourselves on providing a quick, efficient, hassle-free process for all of our customers. To determine the value of your vehicle, we perform a visual inspection of the car’s interior and exterior. Then, we test drive all road-safe vehicles to look for signs of engine or mechanical malfunction. Lastly, we provide you with an accurate, top-dollar quote for your vehicle. 

Sell Your Car Today

Customers of Indy Cash for Cars can expect to receive cash for cars in as little as 15 minutes! We offer free, no-obligation quotes to all of our customers. No appointment is necessary! If you are looking to sell a junk car, contact us today at (800) 404-6461.