If you’re considering upgrading your vehicle to a nicer, newer model, you have several factors to think about. Can your family fit comfortably in a sedan, or do you need a minivan? Do you take road trips and need space for baggage, or can you get by with a small trunk? Our team at Indy Cash for Cars knows that one of the most important features to keep in mind is resale value. Unfortunately, depreciation is not something that we can escape as car owners, so it’s a good idea to get a car with a high resale value to prepare to sell it later.

Cars with High Resale Value


Kelley Blue Book ranks car models each year by their residual value. So even though your well-maintained vehicle will lose about 15 to 20 percent of its value, you should still be able to get a great deal when you’re ready to sell it again. Our team at has put together a list of such cars so that you can make an informed decision before you take the plunge and buy a new car.

  • The Subaru Impreza won best compact car this year. It’s appealing as a family car, but it can also work well as a fun car just for you. In 2018 it was made roomier than previous years, and other upgrades have made it look and feel more upscale. In addition to these features, the Impreza is the most affordable all-wheel-drive car on the market which really helps it hold on to its resale value.
  • The Honda Civic came in second place for best compact car. It has great fuel economy and is known for its Eco Assist technology. As gas prices continue to increase, fuel-efficient models like the Civic are likely to remain popular among used-car buyers. 
  • Best Mid-Size Car in 2018 went to the Honda Accord. Even though its a mid-size sedan, the inside of this car is incredibly spacious. The comfort of this car in addition to its high-tech safety systems make this car feel more like a luxury vehicle than a family sedan, making it very attractive to sell in the future. 
  • The Honda Odyssey won best minivan of 2018. This van has won many awards over the years and is considered the best minivan money can buy. It’s easy to drive and is consistently the most reliable van on the road. It seats up to eight people with plenty of storage and has many other exciting features that come standard. Given all its virtues, it’s no surprise that it has the highest resale value in its class.  

At Indy Cash for Cars, we hope you decide to make a good investment in your future by choosing a car with a high resale value. However, when you’re ready to sell your car, be sure to be careful about where you sell it. Don’t waste time with dealers who will offer a bare minimum quote on your car. Our professionals stay up-to-date with the automotive industry. Not only do we offer competitive rates, but we’ll also give cash for cars. Contact us at (800) 404-6461, or visit us in Indianapolis today!