It’s disheartening when you spend thousands of dollars on a brand-new vehicle only to sell it a few years later for a fraction of the price. When you’re ready to buy a new car, it’s important to know which makes and models best retain their value. Buying those brands will help you sell your car for a fair price later.

For the past three years, Edmunds has given out the Best Retained Value® Awards. To figure out the winners, professionals project each vehicle’s residual value after five years of ownership based on its True Market Value®. Tracking how much the vehicle’s price depreciates after five years enables them to estimate which brands retain their value the longest.

2013 Best Retained Value® Winners

Edmunds awards one brand in both the luxury and the non-luxury markets. It also gives awards to specific models in 22 additional categories. This year’s luxury winner is Acura, averaging 45.1 percent residual value after five years. Acura was last year’s winner as well.

Jeep is the non-luxury champion, averaging a projected residual value of 50.6 percent. This Edmund’s chart shows the rest of the category winners and their projected values. Notably, the Toyota Tacoma has a retained value of 60.2 percent.

If you’re ready to buy a new car, these makes and models are a smart place to start.

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