September is traditionally the month that manufacturers release the next year’s car models. If you’ve been waiting to buy a new car until the new models roll in, it’s your lucky month.

Sell your car and head over to your dealer for a look at the newest trends in the auto industry. Below are two of the best new-car features.


Any parent knows that the biggest hurtle to keeping a minivan clean is the vast amount of crumbs, dirt, and grass left in a kid’s wake. Cleaning the mess used to be a long ordeal as you looked for your Shop-Vac®, drug it outside, tried to find a nearby outlet, and finally vacuumed your vehicle.

In an effort to make cleaning easy, Honda partnered with Shop-Vac® to produce the HondaVAC™ — a vacuum that’s built into 2014 Honda Odyssey minivans. No stress and no mess, this vacuum easily coils into the side panel of the minivan. It stretches the entire length of the vehicle, reaching every corner and crevice. HondaVAC™ gives you the freedom to say goodbye to crumb-ridden vans.

Luxury Massage Seats

The next time you want a hot stone massage, just sit inside your Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan. The Premium 1 Package takes comfort and luxury to the next level, fusing multicontour front seats with six massage programs and heat therapy. Mercedes-Benz describes this pampering as, “worthy of a high-end spa.”

Driving doesn’t have to be a harried experience anymore. With seats as luxurious as these, you’ll be looking for excuses to get in the car. Buckle in, choose your massage, and rejuvenate on the road.

Cash for Cars Trade-in

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