There are several types of ATVs and knowing the difference between them is important when looking to buy or sell an ATV. Determining the category of quad that suits your specific purpose and riding style is essential in choosing which type to buy. It is also important to know the differences between ATVs when selling one because different brands, makes and models can be sold for more money.

Types of ATVs

Sport Quads

Sport quads are the fastest and lightest machines. They have two- or four- stroke engines that are highly tuned for maximum performance. They have either five or six gears with a manual clutch and most come equipped with reverse. The gear ratios tend to be higher, meaning that the middle to upper part of the powerband is where all the power is. All sport quads are chain-driven and two-wheel drive. If you like fast trail riding and getting big air, this is the quad you will want to purchase. In regards to selling an ATV the bigger the machine the more cash you will get.

Utility Quads

Utility quads are the type of quad used for chores around the farm, trailer towing or carrying your camping gear for an overnight excursion. They are bigger, slower and made for a more leisure-oriented ride. Utility quads typically have a stiffer suspension, full skid plates, big racks, tow hitch and four-stroke engines. Because utility quads have large tires, the body plastic is larger and offers better mud protection than either sport or sport-utility machines. Utility quads have the heavier and more durable driveshaft rather than the chain and sprocket system used on sport quads. Utility Quads are generally easier to learn how to ride than sport machines, so they are perfect for a beginning rider. They are the largest and heaviest type of quad and comprise about 80 percent of the ATV buying and selling market. Because they are so common it is important to keep your utility quad in pristine condition in order to sell this ATV for cash.

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