While we’ve discussed that buying used cars is the best financial decision, there are several ways to save on new cars as well. One of these ways is searching for “leftover cars” at Indianapolis dealers.

If it’s time to update your set of wheels, sell your car for cash and then find a good deal on a leftover.

What is a Leftover?

When dealers try to sell a car that’s new, they don’t have any incentive to discount it — until the new models arrive. In his series of articles, the “New Car Buying Guide,” author Gregg Fidan explains that the new year’s models often arrive before the new year, usually between August and November.

Fidan says, “A vehicle is considered a leftover when the new year’s models start showing up on dealer lots. It doesn’t matter if the leftovers are still current year vehicles. Manufacturers start getting worried whenever too many leftovers pile up on the lots and end up competing with the new ones. Dealers need to make room for all the new inventory, so manufacturers tend to bump up incentives on the leftover models, especially towards the end of the year.”

The amount of the discount often varies widely, depending on how many leftovers are still on the lots and how quickly the new model is selling. You’ll especially get a good deal if you buy a model that is being discontinued or redesigned the next year. Find some of this year’s best leftovers.

How to Sell Your Car

If you’re interested in a new car, Indy Cash for Cars wants to buy your current car. We buy vehicles in all conditions and pay for them with cash. Many of our customers arrive wondering, “Is it time to sell my car and move on?” When they see the amount of cash we offer them, most of them decide it’s time to sell.

The process is simple. Bring your car to our Indy location; you don’t even have to make an appointment. Next we’ll appraise your car and then make you a competitive offer that meets or exceeds our competition. Then you can take that money and find a great deal on a different car. In addition to cars, you can sell trucks, vans, motorcycles, and even snowmobiles. Contact Indy Cash for Cars with any questions at 800-404-6461. We look forward to serving you!