With summer break rapidly approaching, many families are packing their bags, planning routes, and preparing for a road trip to the beach or the mountains.

The hardest part of vacation prep is the financial piece. While the recent recession has tightened many people’s budgets, that doesn’t mean you’re confined to Indiana for the summer. The good news is that, with a little planning and creativity, you can do a family road trip at a low cost.

Tip #1: Choose Wednesday

The first strategy is learning the day of the week that typically has the lowest rates. Wednesday is the day, according to an article in Time by Mark Di Vincenzo called, “Why Wednesday Morning is the Best Time to Buy Gas.” So, if you’re leaving on a Friday or Saturday, make sure to fill up on Wednesday. Gas stations raise the prices over the weekend to get more money from travelers.

Tip #2: Fill up Early

Also try to buy gas in the morning. In his article, Vincenzo explains that gas station managers check the competition’s prices in the morning. If everyone else has raised the prices, they likely will, too — typically between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m.

Tip #3: Find an App

Lastly, for all the smartphone users, there are several apps (like GasBuddy) that will find the cheapest gas in the area. These apps can help save a lot of money — just make sure the gas station isn’t 10 miles off your route.

Tip #4: Drive a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

Let’s be honest, the tips above aren’t going to be super helpful if you own a gas guzzler. Huge vans, boxy SUVs, and heavy trucks are all expensive ways to get around. If you go through gas more than most, it might be time to sell your car and buy a more fuel-efficient model.

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