Road trips pose a cheaper summer vacation alternative to flying the family across the country. You can still create a lifetime of memories without emptying your bank account in the process. Who says you have to stay in Indiana just because you have a smaller budget this year? The trick is to be smart about how you’re allocating your budget.

Planning ahead is the key to saving money in any aspect of life. Some hotels offer great deals when planning well in advance for your vacation. Last-minute road trips can become quite costly, especially if you haven’t prearranged your lodging plans.

There are quite a few websites to look at when making hotel reservations to find the best deals. Below are our top recommendations:

  • All you need to know are the dates you plan to travel and the number of guests that are in your group. This site actually pulls together deals on several other sites including Travelocity and
  • This site allows hotels to offer rooms at extremely discounted rates. However, you will not know the name of the hotel until you have actually made the reservation. You will know the hotel rating and general location, but in order to get these discounted rates, there is a little risk involved, because you don’t know exactly which hotel you’re booking.
  • Groupon: Always check on Groupon for any special deals that the hotel may be offering outside of standard discounted rates. You’ll often need to grab these early, and always let the hotel know that you have purchased a Groupon when making the reservation.

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