Family vacations don’t have to be a cruise trip, resort getaway, or the complete Walt Disney World® package to be fun. In fact, simpler vacations are often less stressful and much more affordable.

If you want to do summer vacation on a budget, keep reading. A little preparation at home in Indy will help you save big on the road ahead.

Healthy and Affordable Food

Q: How do I save on meals for the family while we’re away from home?

A: Food is one of the biggest expenses of traveling. Let’s face it: even fast-food places aren’t always cheap. The combo meals and specialty shakes add up — especially when you’re visiting several times a day. And we’re not even touching on the negative health impact.

The simple solution is to get a large cooler and visit the grocery store before leaving. Buy a large amount of ham and sandwich fixings, as well as yogurts, apples, and chips. Instead of swinging by the McDonald’s®, find a rest stop and have a picnic outside. You’ll save money, eat healthy, and get to enjoy the peaceful outdoors.

Q: Every time we stop at a gas station my kids want to buy candy and snacks. What do I do?

A: Gas station snacks and drinks can quickly add up, as well. And so does all the sugar! Buy some water bottles, granola bars, fruit snacks, crackers, and other snacks in bulk before leaving. These will help satisfy everyone’s cravings on the road without racking up the bill at the gas station.

Cash for Cars

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