Every driver’s relationship with their car is different. Some people purchase a new vehicle every few years, while others drive their car for as long as it will run. At Indy Cash for Cars, we buy both new and old cars for cash. If you’re wondering whether its time to sell, here are five good reasons to sell your car.

Cash for Cars

1. Rising Income

Owning a car is every teenager’s dream. Over time, as your disposable income rises, it is natural to trade up for a more expensive vehicle. As you make this transition, be sure to consider how much time you spend in your vehicle, typical travel conditions, and hauling capacity. Increasing your income means you can afford a more attractive, comfortable, and functional car. 

2. Your Car Is Getting Old

As a car ages and the mileage creeps up, maintenance fees begin to pile up. Over time, the bills begin to roll in for things like new batteries, exhaust repairs, replacement belts, broken air conditioners, and more. At any given time, your vehicle’s expenses should not exceed 10% of your monthly income. If maintenance and mechanic bills are putting a dent in your wallet, it’s time to sell your car.

3. Damaged Car

Bills for repairing damaged vehicles can rack up in a hurry. When a vehicle has major mechanical failures, it is prudent to compare the cost of repairs to the value of the vehicle. Rather than risking recurring problems in the future, often the wisest decision is to sell the vehicle.

4. You’re Moving

If you’re making a big move across the country or overseas, it makes sense to sell your car. Rather than driving cross-country, risking damage to the vehicle and racking up the mileage, save yourself some cash and sell the car before you move. You’ll save on transfer and registration fees, and avoid a mountain of paperwork at the DMV. 

5. Fuel Efficiency

Today, we are more aware than ever of the price of gasoline. Buying a more fuel-efficient vehicle is better for your monthly budget, as well as the environment.

Sell Your Car for Cash Today

Whatever the reason, if it’s time to sell you car, stop by Indy Cash for Cars in Indianapolis. We offer free, no-obligation quotes within 15 minutes and will buy any vehicle for cash. If you are looking for a quick, stress-free way to sell your vehicle, contact us at (800) 404-6461 today.