Cash for CarsYou decided to haul your old truck into Indy Cash For Cars to get a little spending money. Who knew earning a little cash could be so easy, right? In less than a day, you sold your car and now have a handful of money. Just what are you going to do with all that dough? Here are a few of the ways you can spend your money earned from selling your car, truck, or van to us.

1. Buy a new car.

If you’re selling your car without a replacement, we recommend you consider using your proceeds toward the cost of a new vehicle. You can’t bum a ride forever…

2. Open a savings account.

Okay…this may be a boring option, but saving your money is never a bad idea. You never know what you might need down the road, and a little emergency fund never hurt anyone.

3. Get a new wardrobe.

Has it been a while since you bought some new clothes? Head on over to Castleton Mall and buy some new threads.

4. Take your mom out for dinner.

Treat your mother (or another important person in your life) to a nice evening out at St. Elmo or another favorite local restaurant.

5. Get tickets to an Indianapolis Colts game.

Never been to Lucas Oil Stadium to catch a game? Now is the time to sit in those seats you’ve been dreaming about. 

6. Pamper yourself with a massage or pedicure.

Take some time for you. You can spend a relaxing day at the spa of your choice, taking advantage of all their services.

7. Purchase a new piece of furniture.

Is your sofa looking worse for wear? Head on over to the furniture store and pick out a nice, new durable couch that will last you for years to come.

8. Plan a weekend away.

You can find so many great destinations all within a few hours of Indianapolis. Enjoy a few nights away, and return refreshed.

9. Put it away for Christmas.

We all know that Christmas is coming, but how often do we set aside money for buying gifts? Now you can! Just think of how much fun it will be when November rolls around and you can start purchasing presents for all your friends and family.

10. Donate to your favorite charity.

If you don’t want to spend the money on you, why not give to someone in need? Indianapolis is full of great non-profits and organizations that lend a helping hand.

Get Started

You never knew that selling your car for cash could be so fun, did you? Well, before you start spending that money, bring your car down to Indy Cash For Cars. We’ll give you a free quote, and in no time, you can sell us your car and walk away with cash in hand. For more information on our cash for cars program, contact us at (317) 405-8492.


photo credit: cash cash cash, scott richard via photopin (license)