The previous series discussed how to know when it’s time to sell your car. If you’re thinking, “I’m ready to sell my car, but I don’t know what to buy for my next vehicle,” we’re here to help.

In an article titled, “10 Cars with the Most Brand-Loyal Buyers,” Forbes announced the cars that created the most brand loyalty among consumers. The fact that these cars influenced the customer to buy the same brand again attests to their undeniable quality.

If you want to buy a reputable car with good reviews, below are some incredible options (we also included the percentage of owners that bought the same brand again):

1.Chevrolet Sonic — 60.3%

2.Ford Fusion — 59.9%

3.Ford Flex — 56.0%

4.Ford Edge — 55.1%

5.Ford Five Hundred — 53.1%

6.Toyota Prius — 51.8%

7.Chevrolet Cruze — 51.7%

8.Kia Forte — 51.6%

9.Ford Escape — 51.4%

10.Ford Fiesta — 51.2%

Interestingly enough, Ford has six of the ten rankings, followed by two Chevrolet cars. These cars are all excellent choices for your next vehicle and, if they win you over, maybe even the one after that.

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